Meet the Quantify for Jira

Automatic work quantification for busy teams

How it works

Kanban boards are your new time tracker

Quantify captures every action on Jira boards and automatically "fills" timesheets for you. This approach works for Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban and other workflows as long as tickets continue to flow.

Skip manual time tracking

Time-tracking apps look shiny and seem well integrated with your tools. That doesn't mean people like using it. Knowledge workers have more creative things to do!

Automatic time spent calculation

Gain insights into how time is spent: per user, per status, per issue or per epic.

Jira Time Spent


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What data you access?

While installing the Quantify for Jira add-on you will be asked to grant read only permission. Quantify only retrieves data about projects and tickets. At any time, you can disable a particular project.

How does registration work?

After installing the Jira add-on, you will be redirected to a welcome page where you will finish the registration.

What happens after installation?

After installation is done, our data processing algorithm will synchronize employees and start calculating timesheets.

How secure is it?

We take security seriously and follow industry best practices to manage and secure applications. Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services and are SOC2 and ISO-27001 compliant.

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