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Quantify collects events from your Jira, GitHub and Bitbucket and provides a complete overlook for your team and management based on your activity

Powerful results for your business


Automatic TimeTracking

Quantify for Engineering Teams

Time tracking that follows your workflow. Timer automatically starts when an issue moves to active status and ends when done. It is that simple. We handle not so simple cases too.

Time Spent Reporting and Analytics

Quantify for Finance Teams

Robust reporting with a review workflow, flexible data export and audit-trail. A solution for CapEx and R&D tax credits reporting as well as internal cost accounting. This is the Agile that finally works for Finance.


Kanban Metrics

Quantify for Agile Practitioners

Practicing Kanban without metrics is like flying blind. Augment your Kanban board with our dashboard to track metrics like Cycle Time, Lead Time and Throughput. Manage the flow to improve service delivery.

Trusted by Companies around the World

Quantify has allowed us to achieve a scaleable, data driven solution for capex / opex. George and the team from quantify have worked with us hand in hand on our onboarding needs and have allowed us to be part in creation of new features that have really helped us!

Aaron Mosny - Director of Agile Operations at REEF Technologies

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