Capitalization of Agile Software Development Costs in Jira

Robust reporting with a review workflow and flexible data export

Align Financial reporting with Agile practices

By removing the burden of manual time reporting, Agile and Finance leaders can better understand the true impact of Agile teams to the bottom line and report Agile software development costs to ensure proper CAPEX categorization and compliance with accounting standards.

Accounting for software costs

The software capitalization rules in GAAP vary for internal-use and for external-use software and apply different accounting treatment to the stages of the software development life cycle in a waterfall-style creating a disconnect between the Accounting and Agile software development practices.

Stage Example activities Treatment
Research / Planning Market research, requirements gathering, technology evaluation EXPENSED
Development Actual software development (coding, testing) CAPITALIZED
Implementation / Post-launch Training, customer service, bug fixing, promotion activities EXPENSED

Refer to the software capitalization guide to learn more.

Capitalize development costs with Quantify

No manual work logging

Our intelligent time-capturing technology doesn't require manual work logging providing actuals that are more accurate than story points.

Scales with your Organization

With Quantify you can set up a process to scale reporting across multiple teams with flexible scope management.

Rapid work classification

Tech leaders have a tool to rapidly categorize work and stay focused on their core responsibilities.

Quantify has allowed us to achieve a scalable, data-driven solution for capex / opex. The team from Quantify has worked with us hand in hand on our onboarding needs and has allowed us to be part in creation of new features that have really helped us!

Aaron M. - Director of Programs at REEF Technology

It would take me several days to just get data from Jira. With Quantify I have everything I need available within minutes.

Patrick K. - CTO at SambaSafety

Learn more about how Quantify makes software capitalization in Jira easy

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