COVID-19: Government R&D funding for Startups

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Each year innovative companies apply for the R&D tax incentives resulting in additional funding. Cash-flow is a critical component of the finances during tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic. We focus on software technology companies that have at least 10 people involved in software development and help build reports needed for tax claims.


Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)

(!) Federal Government announced an extension of the tax-filing deadline until after August 31, 2020.

This program is available for Canadian companies performing research and development. The application for this credit can be filed up to 18 months after your fiscal year-end. For Canadian-controlled private corporations, it offers a refundable credit that will enhance cash flow.

While it is not mandatory, consider working with an SR&ED consultant

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Historical data

We pull historical data from your systems. Even if you didn't track employees' time we still can help.

Flexible Reporting

Review and build reports to substantiate your claim in a matter of days.

Proven results

We helped many companies around the globe with their R&D tax claims.

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